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Natural Help for ADD: First, a Simple Conversation

Dr. Marvin Schweitzer

Dr. Marvin Schweitzer

Naturopath Dr. Marvin Schweitzer bases his success in dealing with ADD/ADHD on a simple principle: “With kids, as with all our patients, we begin with a conversation—simple one-on-one dialogue reveals valuable insights.” Dr. Schweitzer provides foundational support for children located along the entire spectrum that includes Asberger’s and PDD/Autism. After learning as much as he can about the child’s unique situation, he develops a very personalized treatment plan that often includes a combination of bio-meridian stress assessment technology that reveals physical and energetic data with a careful focus on nutrition and detox. “It’s a process that’s effective for ADD/HD — and many, many other conditions,” says Dr. Schweitzer.

Hopeful new treatments

Dr. Schweitzer reports new treatments that are already getting remarkable results. Meridian stress assessment, for the identification and treatment of allergies and food intolerances is one. ONDAMED® therapy is another. It uses gentle electromagnetic fields to unblock communication within the body’s “fiber-optic” system. Yet another is the use of targeted amino-acid therapy to help balance the child’s brain neurotransmitters. “We’re seeing fascinating results for several children’s health issues,” he says.

Better, smarter diet

Among the tests offered the child is one for nutritional deficiencies, since “a better, smarter, healthier diet is key,” Dr. Schweitzer explains. “What we eat fuels how our body fights disease and heals itself. We encourage cutting back on trans fatty acids and refined sugar, which today’s kids eat way too often. It’s quite disturbing.” He then works with the child to develop eating habits that allow the young immune system to function at its peak.

Making lifestyle changes “almost guarantees dramatic health improvements,” says Dr. Schweitzer. “Minimizing stress, fostering self-esteem and having fun, paying attention to the body’s signals, changing the diet, all aid the body in doing what it naturally wants to do: heal itself.”

Dr. Marvin Schweitzer, clinical director of Wellness Institute, has 25 years of experience in practicing Naturopathic medicine. Wellness Institute is located at 1 Westport Avenue in Norwalk. For more information call 203.847.2788 or visit WellnessInstitute-CT.com.

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