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The Eclipses Light Up Leo and Aquarius

Cosmic Rhythms: August 2017

Despite certain superstitions, eclipses are not bad luck. These are, in fact, magical times when things can be seen from a whole new perspective. This month we will have two eclipses coinciding with the New Moon and the Full Moon of August. On August 21, we are treated to a full solar eclipse, where the sky darkens in the middle of the day. This will be visible from coast to coast and is being coined the “Great American Eclipse”.

It is important to note the position of the moon’s nodes during an eclipse. If the eclipse occurs near the north node, or Rahu, then something will be illuminated via the head of the dragon. A message could be revealed through a dream or a song. Eclipses on the north node point us toward the future and light up something that needs a nudge in the right direction.

If the eclipse occurs near the south node, or Ketu, then the message will be delivered via the tail of the dragon. Like an alligator snapping its tail something will be eliminated from our life. This could be associated with releasing a toxic relationship or quitting a bad habit.

This eclipse season we can expect the following energy:

August 7 is a partial lunar eclipse in Aquarius. This full-moon eclipse signifies our karmic ability to tap into the eccentric, rebellious energy of Aquarius. On the south node it may challenge a belief carried over from early life, one that no longer resonates.

August 21 is a total solar eclipse in Leo. A new moon total solar eclipse means that the sun will be completely covered by the moon. This will be visible all across the U.S. and the first time an eclipse has passed from coast to coast since 1918. This eclipse on the north node is encouraging us toward a courageous new future. Light a white candle to compensate for the altered light and take time to pause and reflect under the darkening sky. On the East Coast, the total solar eclipse will be visible anywhere from 12:50pm to 4:02pm. Consider taking the afternoon off and getting outside.

Michele Leigh is an astrologer, author and podcaster. A practitioner of ancient astrology and planetary magic, she is an active member of OPA, the Organization for Professional Astrology. Connect at DarkMoonAstrology.com.

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