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Leo the Lion Lights the Sky with Fiery Energy

Cosmic Rhythms July

There is an abundance of courageous Leo energy in the air this month with our personal planets—Mercury, Mars and the Sun—all entering the regal sign. At the end of the month, we have a new moon in Leo giving us a new opportunity to tap into our lioness spirit.

Venus enters Gemini in time for the July 4 weekend. Venus is moving direct again so we have an opportunity to experience our relationships with a wide-eyed curiosity.
Use the Gemini energy to socialize and entertain.

Mercury enters Leo on July 5. The planet of communication enters with a roar, unafraid to tell it like it is. Expect interactions with others to be direct with a flair for the dramatic.

A Full Moon in conventional Capricorn on July 9 shines a spotlight on career and our sense of home. As the Moon goes full in the hard-working sign of the goat, the sun is still shining in Cancer, the homebody. This Full Moon may expose imbalances between work and play. Capricorn is very disciplined; any changes we make during this Full Moon will have the potential to stick.

Later in the month, on July 20, Mars joins Mercury in Leo. Mars is the ultimate warrior and most comfortable in one of the fire signs. Fearless Leo is an appropriate placement for our planet of action. Use this energy to move things forward.

The Sun enters Leo on July 22. The Sun is considered strongest when in this position as Leo is the traditional ruler. Anyone born under the vitality of the Leo Sun is considered to be a natural leader. When the Sun is in this position, we should spend time on things that motivate and inspire us.

We seal all this Leo energy with a New Moon on July 23. A New Moon is a time to trigger new ideas. In the sign of Leo, expect inspirations to be big and bold. Take time to capture suggestions no matter how over-the-top they seem. With Leo, the sky is the limit, so use the energy to make some extravagant propositions.

Michele Leigh is an astrologer, author and podcaster. A practitioner of ancient astrology and planetary magic, she is an active member of the Organization for Professional Astrology. Connect at DarkMoonAstrology.com.

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