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New Wellness and Yoga Center Opens in Stamford

Enjoy  Community Wellness is Stamford’s newest wellness and yoga center, established by Stamford resident Robyn Whittingham. Located in Springdale, the center places a strong focus on soundness of both body and mind.  Enjoy Community Wellness offers mainstream and individualized yoga classes, dance and healthy movement programs, and lively educational wellness seminars. Enjoy also offers “sound body, sound mind” events, including community and private acupuncture, Ayurvedic counseling and meditation sessions, all with licensed practitioners. 

Whittingham’s vision is to bring health and wellness activities to local communities, knowing that “one size does not fit all.” Her philosophy is focused on offering something for everybody.

Those who are curious about yoga but not ready to take the plunge can try slow flow or “Feed Your Soul” classes. More experienced practitioners can get their heart rates going with a variety of vinyasa and yoga fusion classes. Try a dance lesson on Thursdays with Maria, or a Runner’s Yoga  or other specialty class. Engage and attend one of the community workshops to dive deeper into your personal life journey. A full roster of classes and workshops starts in July. 

  A special 30-day/$30 offer makes it easy to give Enjoy Community Wellness a try. Whittingham is open to joint ventures or projects with other like-minded studios and practitioners. 

For more information, email Robyn@EnjoyCommunityWellness.com or visit EnjoyCommunityWellness.com. Location: 980 Hope St, Stamford (Springdale), next to State Cinema, with plenty of parking in the rear.

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