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Balancing Feminine Energy

Call it In for Your Self

Feminine energy resides within each being—regardless of gender. Finding balance within the feminine energy is extremely important and something many overlook. This year, there is a lot of feminine energy available in the world for us to claim, work with and allow to empower us in our life journey. Female energy is often associated with the left side of our bodies, so noticing any discomfort of any kind on that side of the body can be the first sign that perhaps something is off with your feminine energy. When talking about feminine energy, here are some characteristics associated with that energy:

• Compassion
• Creativity
• Emotions
• Empathy
• Intuition
• Multi-tasking
• Nurturing

Being unbalanced can affect many aspects of our lives. People who are high in their feminine energy tend to be toxic towards themselves. A person with a weaker feminine energy will tend to blame others and not take responsibility for her own actions. If we are out of balance, we may also notice that we feel out of control, irritable, ungrounded, an overall feeling of loneliness, closed off from others and a tendency to be greedy; we may isolate ourselves because we do not want to give of ourselves or share anything we have.

So how can one find optimum balance?

There are many different ways to create balanced feminine energy. First, however, we have to be honest with ourselves and recognize we have an imbalance. Once we do, we will find out what we need to balance those energies and, at the same time, create balance in our physical, emotional and spiritual energies. Essential oils like rose, ylang ylang, patchouli and citrus scents are great for feminine energy. Also, say positive affirmations such as, “I now embrace my balanced feminine energy for the sake of my highest good,” or, “I am in perfect alignment with my feminine energy now.” We may also find that connecting with a divine feminine energy like Mother Earth, a goddess, angel or other deity may be what we need.

Another key way to keep our feminine energy balanced is to have our overall energy grounded. There are many different ways that we can achieve grounding our energy. These include eating vegetables or red meat, taking a salt bath, exercising, spending time in nature reconnecting with the Earth’s energy, and even using stones or crystals. Spiritual healing methods such as Reiki, shamanic healing and any healing energy work can also assist us in achieving balance. Also try specific grounding meditations, yoga, dancing and singing; take some time to self-nurture. Even volunteering for something we are passionate about can raise our feminine vibrations.

When working on balancing feminine energy within, we often overlook the simple fact that we have to care and nurture ourselves in order to be balanced within our own energy. This means that, every now and then, we make sure we take time to do things for ourselves that we would not hesitate to do for another person—such as getting a haircut, having a spa day, catching up with friends or going for a walk on a nice day. By doing these things, we engage our feminine energy, and strengthen the connection by granting permission to allow it to be a part of our day.

Working with and balancing out our feminine energy will allow us to connect more with our own inner energies. It will also allow us to learn to love and appreciate who we are and where we are in the moment on our journey as we support and nurture the energy within.

Stacey Lyons, owner of Elysian Life Design, is a certified life force energy healer and medium. Her spiritual writings and readings have reached more than 90 countries. Lyons also creates spiritual-based herbal products. Connect at ElysianLD.com and Contact@ElysianLD.com. See Community Resource Guide listing, page 80

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