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Natural Awakenings Fairfield County & Housatonic Valley CT

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Manipura Power Yoga-Southbury

760 Main St S f
Southbury, CT 06488

Manipura Power Yoga is a yoga school where the focus is on each and every student. We teach heated Power Vinyasa Yoga through the practice of which the student is presented with an opportunity to transform and perhaps move deeper into a posture with breath, this in turn shifts the students perception into what’s possible. Let go of the; can’t, won’t or don’t which becomes the banter the mind, instead gain insight into the realization that it is “your” mind; you decide what to think and what to act on. This helps release the negative thoughts that we are surrounded by every day.

We have created a platform to guide the you through movement and breath, to create, manifest and cultivate a sustainable happy life. It consists of a combination of flowing Yoga poses which warms the body encouraging perspiration the practice shifts to yoga poses that open major muscle groups, taking advantage of warm, pliable muscles. Even steel will bend when heated, by warming up the body the muscles are able to come into alignment with the bones physically building strength and stamina.

So ask yourself this question, is life a sprint or is it a distance race? Are you ready to come into your full potential? Yoga is much more than doing poses, it’s about undoing what’s in the way of the poses, find out what is possible for you, come out and practice with us.