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Natural Awakenings Fairfield & Southern Litchfield Counties

Mysticism: Where Science, Art and Religion Meet

Zoom Online Class Wednesday 7PM ET

Today humanity is at a crossroads. ❖ Religion is an increasingly irrelevant part of daily life, with growing numbers citing their religious affiliation as NONE. ❖ Western science has determined that after five hundred years it has been studying five percent of the Universe, and calls the remaining 95% DARK. ❖ Spirituality and mysticism are for many not any part of daily life, with empty materialism becoming dominant, and ever more people ask: WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF LIFE? Our intent here is to address these issues through lectures, readings and guided group discussions. We will present ancient concepts, cutting-edge theories, speculations, assertions, data, and most of all, thought-provoking ideas for discussion. 

Date & Time

Weekly on Wednesday

Jan 26, 2022 through Sep 25, 2024

7:00PM - 8:30PM


Aleph Talks - 606 Post Road East, Suite 667, Westport, CT, 06880 606 Post Road East, Suite 667 Westport 06880 CT US

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