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The Clean Bedroom : Q&A with Co-Founder Chris Chamberlin

The Clean Bedroom is an independent retailer of organic mattresses and bedding founded in November 2004 by home furnishings marketers Theodore Duquette and Christine Chamberlin.

Its focus is to help people make informed purchase decisions as they create a sustainable, green bedroom or organic nursery.     

The retailer, which currently has seven locations, moved its Westport showroom last fall to a larger space in Greenwich to serve all of Fairfield County and more of Westchester County. The new space is located at 79 East Putnam Ave, across from Whole Foods.

What is The Clean Bedroom?

We’re the premier resource for organic mattresses and bedding with sleep showrooms across the country.

How did you get started?

When we discovered what was in conventional mattresses, my husband said, “Every mother in the world should know what they are putting their child on at night.” That was 2004, and The Clean Bedroom was born.

What’s wrong with conventional mattresses?

They’re nightmares. You spend one-third of your life in bed, and that very intimate, prolonged exposure to oil, polyester, toxic flame retardants and chemicals is dangerous.

What’s right with organic mattresses?

Those we recommend use renewable, natural materials—from cotton to sea grass—without unwelcome additions like chemical flame retardants.

What makes you the experts?

We do a lot of research. In most cases, my husband (and business partner) and I visit the factories to ensure the mattresses meet our standards. This really is our passion.

How can people utilize The Clean Bedroom?

Enlist a trained organic mattress specialist to match you with the eco-mattress of your dreams when you call us at 866-380-5892, stop by a sleep showroom or visit

Best advice?

Avoid green-washing. Ask questions. And don’t settle—organic mattresses come in all sizes, sleep styles and prices.