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The Waldorf Experience

The foundation of a Waldorf early childhood program is based on profound respect for childhood and the belief in the limitless potential of their imagination. The commitment to protecting the young child’s imagination through play-based learning sets the Waldorf education method apart. A vivid imagination will serve children well in later years, enhancing their creative problem-solving, social and analytical skills.

Waldorf’s education programs for children range from parent-child classes through eighth grade, as well as aftercare, summer camp, and many lectures and special events for the whole family. At the core of the Waldorf philosophy is a distinct understanding of the human spirit and human development and the conviction that education is an artistic process, and children best learn experientially. Locally, parents can find the Waldorf philosophy at work in Housatonic Valley Waldorf School, now celebrating the milestone of providing academic excellence through the arts for 25 years in Connecticut.

During the eight years of grade school, the students travel from the fairy tales all the way through Shakespeare, from dreamy water color painting to the precision and exactness of geometry, from the wonder of nature up through botany, chemistry, physics and physiology. Spanish and German, orchestra, strings, chorus, painting, beeswax and clay modeling, dramatic plays, and practical arts such as knitting, crocheting and sewing not only round out the school day, but support the academic subject matter.

Every student is educated to be an artist and musician as well as a scholar. The majority of graduates thrive in the finest private and public high schools. Best of all, this is accomplished without the stress of standardized testing, the pressure of grades, or the burden of huge amounts of homework. It is accomplished by teaching to the head, heart and hands of every student in a safe, serene environment that inspires life-long learning.

For more information on Housatonic Valley Waldorf School, visit See ad, page 24. 

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