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The Angel Cooperative Celebrates “Angelversary”

Oct 01, 2019 11:05PM ● By Erica Mills

Laura Freed Ancona and Christy Abate had a strong sense of what they wanted when they opened The Angel Cooperative two years ago in Ridgefield. They weren’t sure how it would play out, but they had a vision for an inspirational and collaborative space where people could explore their interest in spirituality and healing in a safe and fun way while buying beautiful products. The front of the space is a shop filled with beautiful and meaningful pieces such as crystals, books, gift items, spiritual objects, clothes, handbags and more. The back of the space is the shungite room, the only one of its kind in the U.S. and an energetic and spiritual draw for practitioners and visitors of all kinds. 

“We think of ourselves as conductors of an orchestra,” Ancona explains. “Anyone is welcome to come and play but the space has to feel good and the energy has to be pure. Everyone has to want to create something for the greater good. We always want people to come create more magic with us.”

Magical is what the past two years have been for the longtime friends and business partners since the doors opened at the Angel Cooperative. The partners had a unique offering from the start in the shungite room, which drew many curious practitioners to their space. “People come here because they are curious and seeking,” Abate says. “Sometimes they’re not even sure why they have come. They want a safe place to explore, where they can trust the space and trust the practitioners who are here because they know we have already vetted them.”

In the shungite room, the Angel Cooperative has hosted events for beloved local practitioners like Carol Essig of Magenta Way; Jeanne Street of Inspirit Healing Studios; Alison DeNicola and Susan Broudy (among others). But until recently, Abate says, they were limited in the scope of events they could hold by the space available in the 13x13 room. 

That changed in September with the acquisition and opening of the larger adjacent space, the Angel Wing, in the building that used to be Yoga Shala. The partners are excited to now be able to offer their practitioners not only more floor space for workshops and classes, but also a soundproof recording studio, which has created new opportunities for all. “The recording studio, which we’re calling Angel Air, will let us record and archive everything that we’re doing,” Abate explains. “Our practitioners are amazing, but until now their exposure was somewhat limited because it was all live and the shungite room was small. Now we’re going to be able to have larger classes and programs, and record them so they can be made available online as well.”

Angel Air will debut a new podcast series this month, which will include an Angel Rapid Fire Round so listeners can get to know the various practitioners in a fun way. Street is already recording her popular Angels Don’t Lie broadcasts from the shungite room. A new YouTube channel launched over the summer and is just the start of the online offerings that are planned, Abate says. 

The space in the Angel Wing has been freshly painted and energetically prepared for the new activities that are planned. There is one large studio for classes, workshops or trainings, one private treatment room and the Angel Air recording studio. Space is available for rent by the hour, day or month, depending on practitioner need and room availability. Yoga is offered daily in the space, including the ashtanga yoga that Yoga Shala was previously known for. 

During the Angelversary this month, the Angel Cooperative and Angel Wing will have various events and activities going on each day; check the website or Facebook page for a complete updated schedule. One of these ongoing activities is the building of the Community Garden outside Angel Wing, where herbalist Kelly Pietro will oversee the planting of a variety of medicinal plants and wild flowers. 

“There is a heartbeat here that has taken on a life of its own,” Ancona says. “It has woven itself into a really fun bohemian tapestry.” Abate agrees and says, “We’re very grateful and blessed by everything that’s happened so far. Opening Angel Wing opens up a whole new audience to what we do and helps us provide space for a whole new group of practitioners. We’re so excited to see what will happen next!” 

For more information, call 203-431-2959 or visit See ad, page 31.

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