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Aligning with the Soul Path: A Conversation with Spiritual Advisor Peter Marks

Dec 04, 2019 11:22AM ● By Patricia Staino
Renowned psychic and spiritual advisor Peter Marks, who makes his home in Connecticut, recently took time out of his busy schedule to give Natural Awakenings readers insight into psychic readings, alignment, growth and one thing he wouldn’t do for a client.

How would you describe your vocation?
As a spiritual advisor, I don’t label myself as just an astrologer or just a psychic or just a medium because I work with spirit guides that come to me through signs, visions and direct conversation. They provide me with information about a client, but I also take the time to set up a natal chart. My spirit guides assist me in knowing what makes each person totally unique. 

How did you discover your ability and your passion?
Prior to doing this, I was a TV producer at WTXX in Prospect, and when guests came to be interviewed on one of our talk shows, I would prep them for the show by asking questions about things they’d done. They couldn’t figure out how I knew so much about them, and I would be very hesitant to tell them how I knew. I have an aunt who also has this ability, and she told me I too would be using my special gifts one day. So I began to segue out of television into giving readings. I believe that God and the universe directed me to my calling. 

What role do growth and alignment play in your readings?
I tune into a client’s life path, their potential for fulfilling their spiritual goals, and align that with areas of growth—where they are lacking, where they are excelling, where they are most sensitive. I work with them on the growth process because the guides show me how I can help them to become their total spiritual being.

What excites you most about the work you do?
I believe I’m most excited when I receive phone calls from my clients who say that at the time of their reading, they weren’t quite sure if the information I gave them was part of their divine ensoulment, but since then their lives have unfolded as I predicted. I get excited when my clients are excited.

What do you do if you see something negative during a reading?
I don’t always believe that a situation is going to be negative. I believe that if we have a positive mindset, we can turn negativity around into a positive situation. I try to change what one perceives as a negative situation into a positive outcome. Other psychics might say, “I see you getting divorced,” but I’ll say, “I see another relationship that is much better for you, is more harmonious, but it’s going to be up to you to make this decision.”

What elements of your work frustrate you?
I get very frustrated when a person comes for a reading, and I’m working very diligently to help this individual turn their life around with positive suggestions and they say, “No, I can’t do that.” That frustrates me because we all can turn our lives around. A lot of people don’t want to change; they don’t want to exert the energy to make their lives more positive. 

What is the strangest request a client has ever made of you in a reading?
One of my clients asked me to set up their natal chart with the compatibility of musician Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes. They gave me Robinson’s address and asked me to send him the compatibility chart to persuade him to divorce his wife at the time—actress Kate Hudson—and marry my client. I did set up the compatibility chart for both of them, but I wasn’t going to send it to him. 

What would you most want our readers to understand about what you do?
I would love for people to have more of an open mind about accepting us, all of us—holistic health practitioners, mediums, astrologers, psychics—because we are all here to be messengers of God. A lot of people in the church see psychics, mediums and astrologers negatively. Most of the people I know who do this work are filled with love and light, and they just want the world to realize what their positive contribution to society can be. 

You can hear Peter Marks on the Joyce Barrie & Friends International Show at  He can be reached at 203-206-9353 or at [email protected].

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