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Natural Awakenings Fairfield & Southern Litchfield Counties

Threshold New Year’s Workshop in Greenwich

As the year 2019 draws to a close and we approach a metaphorical “threshold,” do you feel an inner calling into the mystery of what you may discover and create in 2020?

Join Nancy Barbe and Robin Spiegel from December 29 to January 1st in welcoming internationally renowned Amara Pagano, creator of “Azul Conscious Movement” and One Dance Tribe, to The Loft in Greenwich for an amazing four-day workshop or for a three-hour introduction on December 29.

Through Pagano’s exquisite facilitation, powerful guidance and a deep listening through each attendee’s body, a sacred space is created through organic movement. Participants will dance and move through four days as they reflect on what has been, what is in the present moment and lean into the possibilities for 2020. 

This Threshold workshop offers many gifts of embodied movement, transformation, access to subtle levels of truth, a strengthening of your unique gifts, fun, ritual and celebration as the group moves toward greater joy, love, abundance, clarity and peace while in conscious community.  

No prior dance or movement experience is necessary. All 14 years and older are welcome.

For more information, contact Robin Spiegel of Lotus Wellness Center at 203-531-4784, email [email protected] or visit