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Infertility: Not Solely a Physical Concern

by Saskia Röell

In the U.S., 6.1 million women struggle with fertility issues. In fact, one out of seven couples trying to have a baby deals with infertility. Most of these women have tried everything to become pregnant—IVF, IUI, yoga, acupuncture, healthy foods, supplements, affirmations and more. When nothing works, they may feel like time is running out or they wonder if something is wrong with them. When a doctor offers the diagnosis of unexplained infertility, women may want to look deeper to find the root cause of what blocks their pregnancy. There are other ways—beyond the strictly physical approach—to enhance fertility if nothing else has worked.

Here’s why there is hope: Unexplained infertility is, in almost every case, explainable, but the reason may not be medical. Unexplained infertility is often rooted in conscious and subconscious fears. If these underlying reasons are ignored, it may cost couples thousands of dollars for fertility treatments and/or years of waiting without holding a baby in their arms.  

Since our emotions and our physical body are seamlessly connected, emotional trauma, such as a miscarriage, loss of a child, a difficult childbirth, guilt over an abortion and other factors can block conception. A study published in Fertility and Sterility, a publication of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, shows that women who participate in a mind/body program while undergoing IVF treatments have a significantly higher pregnancy rate than those who do not (52 percent versus 20 percent). 

There are many nonmedical methods for boosting fertility. Let’s look at three natural ways to triple your chances of getting pregnant. 

Change Your Thoughts

You have 60,000 thoughts every day, and 80 percent of them are negative. Worry creates contraction in the body and also creates a negative future. So try turning around your worrying thoughts and see positivity manifest in your life.

Fear brings about neurochemical changes in the brain, which changes body chemistry. The fear can be conscious or unconscious. Women experience many fears around pregnancy and motherhood. They may wonder, “Am I too old? What if I miscarry again? Can I handle my career and motherhood, too?”

Instead of thinking, “What if my eggs are too old?” ask yourself, “What if my eggs are the perfect quality?” or “What if I am the perfect age to conceive?”

Sarah waited until her 40s because she was afraid a child would negatively impact her career, and that she wouldn’t be able to handle her career, her marriage and being a mom. When her fears were released and her mind was reset, she changed her thoughts and became pregnant in four months.

Reconnect with Your Body 

A lot of women become so focused on what’s wrong with their bodies, they disconnect from themselves emotionally. This can happen because they have been through so much trial and error while trying to get pregnant. Try this exercise daily to reconnect your body and mind: Before you go to bed, and just after you wake up, place one hand over your heart, and think about someone you truly love (it could also be a pet). Then place your hand over your belly, and imagine that same love you just felt in your heart, and give it to your belly (or your womb). Next, start connecting from your heart to your belly. Do this for a week and you’ll notice a shift as you start to feel more connected to your body.

The 80/20 Fertility Rule of Pleasure 

A recent study shows that women with higher levels of the stress biomarker have a two-fold increased risk of infertility. That is why the “Rule of Pleasure” is so important. Trying to get pregnant can destroy your life balance: You may feel as if your life is on hold and your relationship with your husband is strained because nothing is fun anymore, and lovemaking is a chore. 

Many women feel they always have to do more. They deprive themselves in service to others and don’t realize deep down they are unhappy. They struggle because they have placed so many restrictions on themselves. There is no more joy. But pleasure and relaxation make your body healthier. For once, skip the workout, sleep in late, drink your favorite Starbucks coffee. Go for a fun walk downtown and shop in your favorite store. Buy something super feminine. Go out and have a glass of wine with your husband on your date night. The stress of trying to do it all perfectly works against you. Give up the perfection syndrome and instead apply the 80/20 Fertility Rule of Pleasure. Have fun! Loosen up. Babies love to come to happy moms!  

Fertility expert Saskia Röell is a world-renowned fertility coach, international speaker and international best-selling author. For more than 20 years she has helped women from all over the world get pregnant. Contact her at