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Optimum Regenerative Care Now Offers Exosome Protocol

Optimum Regenerative Care in Bethel just celebrated its six-month anniversary and has added exosome protocol as part of its ongoing commitment to help patients maximize their bodies’ innate ability to heal and repair themselves.

As we age, our bodies have a harder time healing, so they need extra help. Regenerative medicine involves using allograph tissue from a young, healthy source, which contains growth factors, cytokines, proteins and mesenchymal stem cells. Practitioners introduce them into the body via localized injections, which may help repair nerves, tendons and tissue damaged by arthritis, injury, age or disease.

Stem cells have been used throughout the world safely and effectively for almost 30 years. Clinics in the U.S. began using them about five years ago. The FDA cleared stem cells in 2017 and continues to highly regulate the industry. 

Optimum Regenerative Care specializes in degenerative and arthritic joints, but the clinic also offers a whole-body anti-aging protocol using exosomes. Exosomes, considered by many to be the next generation of stem cell therapy, are cell-derived nanoparticles that play a pivotal role in cell-to-cell communication. The protocol allows practitioners to harness and isolate the exosomes without the need for live stem cells. Exosomes facilitate more applications because they cross the blood-brain barrier. Research shows they also help systemic inflammatory conditions. 

For information on free educational seminars, call 203-970-4466 or visit  To make an appointment, call 203-917-4474. Location: 2 Stony Hill Rd, Suite 208, Bethel. 

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