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When You Were Born

Oct 30, 2021 09:00PM ● By Bobbi Soares
When you were born,
an angel looked your way.
Always there to guide you
throughout the day.

Now you were born,
you gotta live someday.
Up to your potential,
You always find the way.

When you were born, 
you had stuff to say.
Get down on your knees babe,
you don’t have to pay!

Wash your spirit clean,
Wash your spirit clean.

Now you were born, 
you’ll die someday.
No one gets out alive, 
my teacher used to say.

And when you die,
you sprout wings and fly,
with a spirit Sherpa  
into a brand new sky.

Wash your spirit clean,
Wash your spirit clean.

Spirit of the wind,
the mountains, the land,
Mother of the waters
gonna take your hand.

Bringing new beginnings,
coming home to the light.  
Knowing life’s a journey,
It makes it alright.

Wash your spirit clean,
Wash your spirit clean.

If I should die,  
before you’re awake,
have a happy life babe,  
there’s nothing more at stake.

Now you were born,   
you’ll die someday
when I told my partner,   
he said that’ll be the day.

Barbara “Bobbi” Soares wrote this poem during the beginning of the pandemic, in April of 2020. She is a certified sound healing coach and vocal yoga practitioner in New Milford. She hosts Gong Sound Journeys on Wednesdays, bimonthly at 6pm; reservations required.
Connect at 860-946-9470 or find Hummingbird Sound Yoga on Facebook. See ad, this page.

Barbara Bobbi Soares

Hummingbird Sound Yoga - Bucks Rock Rd, New Milford, CT

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