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Academy For Soul Healing Module III Starts Soon

The Academy For Soul Healing’s Expanded Year of Healing continues with Module III, which begins with the January 8 and 9 session. Module III will focus on Akashic Field Healing and quantum theory and will include: history of the Akashic Field/Records, kinesiology techniques, accessing the Akashic Field for healing, as well as a practicum for healing the self, others, groups and other situations. The course will take place one weekend each month via Zoom. Dates for Module III in 2022 are: January 8 and 9, February 12 and 13, March 12 and 13, April 9 and 10.

No previous experience is needed to participate in a Year of Healing, and one does not need to partake in the previous modules to benefit from the third. “Just ask yourself this one question and listen intently for the answer: Is your soul calling to be in alignment with the Divinity of you? If your Soul says ‘Yes,’ please join us to transform your mind, body and spirit,” says facilitator Eilis Philpott.

Some of the many intentions for the Expanded Year of Healing 2021/2022 include: shifting into who you truly are; discover and know, with certainty, your role(s) in the world; clear up the wounds, trauma, negative energy, doubts and fears that are preventing you from “Being”; create an experiential learning environment that is both personally healing and educationally driven; teach students the basic principles and techniques from a number of modalities as outlined in the modules; and offer a supportive and non-judgmental environment for all students to become familiar with what it’s like to stand in the role of the leader/teacher.

​“Are you someone who has identified that being of service to others is vital to your alignment with your authentic self? Are you looking for an opportunity to engage in personal healing work that enables you to show up in your life and for others in an entirely new way? Or, are you a current practitioner, coach or therapist who’s looking to really differentiate your practice and expand your offering?” asks Philpott.

Attendees will receive: guided support from Eilis Philpott and a new Soul Tribe; a unique and divine toolbox filled with Divine gifts and healing modalities; plenty of guided practice to harness different consciousness shifts; certification; and opportunity to join the Teacher Development Program.

For more information and to register, visit See ad, page 12.

Academy For Soul Healing

Academy for Soul Healing

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