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Rewilding: A Woman’s Quest to Remember Her Roots, Rekindle Her Instincts, and Reclaim Her Sovereignty, by Kristy M. Vanacore

In Rewilding, Dr. Kristy Vanacore invites you into her raw and honest account of metamorphosing from near death and disassociation to resolving complex trauma, awakening to purpose, reclaiming her truth and reveling in the sovereignty of her spirit.

“After a traumatic birthing experience with my first son catalyzed flashbacks and a quest for truth about my past, I ventured from my comfort zone into the shadows of my anguish for the next 10-plus years, with help from seasoned holistic practitioners and medicine women,” shares Vanacore. “What emerged was the beauty and grace of my feral-foal nature, dancing in the light, singing my truth, sharing my sacred story and finding peace in ceremonial communion with nature. I rediscovered the potent medicine that had been dormant inside of me and created an authentic soul-aligned and heart-centered life from which I could help others do the same.”

Her Rewilding journey is an emancipation from the domestication and conditioning of tolerance, distraction and fear, to the empowered freedom of inherent curiosity, passion, instinctual wisdom and joy. So much more than simply an interesting story, this book is a call to action for readers, to take the wisdom shared from her journey to use as a lantern to light the way for themselves.

Though her story is intimately personal, it is intensely relatable. Readers will come to discover hidden wisdom and gifts while realizing the potential of ancient-futuristic modalities to expand their consciousness, reignite purpose, reclaim lost parts of their soul and activate their self-healing medicine.

Vanacore is a clinical psychologist, spiritual visionary, medicine woman and sacred storyteller who weaves ancient wisdom with modern science to empower families to thrive. A prominent trailblazer in the field of holistic psychology for two decades, she has revolutionized the personal development industry by creating an innovative mentoring program for people of all ages.

Connect at 914-497-8006, [email protected] or Purchase Rewilding wherever books are sold.  See ad, page 8.

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