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Holistic Wellness Oasis Emerges as Manipura Power Yoga in Brookfield

Manipura Power Yoga Brookfield Staff

Manipura Power Yoga Brookfield, is a holistic wellness sanctuary offering over 35 invigorating hot power vinyasa and restorative yoga classes weekly. This community-focused studio, embracing practitioners of all abilities, was founded by Pamela Mead, an RYT-200 and Baptiste-certified yoga instructor.

The studio, heated to 95 degrees, amplifies the benefits of power vinyasa, encompassing endurance, strength-building and cardio, while the heat fosters increased flexibility, joint mobility, calorie burn and long-term advantages such as improved mental well-being and stress management.

Mead’s personal journey, recovering from a hip injury through yoga, propelled her to become a certified instructor. In 2022, seizing an opportunity, she acquired Manipura Power Yoga, realizing a full-circle connection with the studio that originally opened in 2013.

In addition to offering a diverse range of classes, Manipura Power Yoga Brookfield extends its commitment to community building. The studio provides beautiful facilities with changing rooms and showers for post-yoga refreshment. The vibrant common area showcases student artwork and donated furniture, emphasizing a sense of belonging.

Further fostering community ties, the studio organizes challenges and social events, strengthening friendships among participants. Manipura Power Yoga Brookfield is not just a place for physical practice—it is a sanctuary for well-being, where the community knows your name and is always glad you came.

This transformative space also introduces Infrared Sauna benefits, including pain relief, weight loss, toxin removal, skin purification, stress relief, lowered blood pressure, improved circulation and enhanced recovery. Manipura Power Yoga Brookfield emerges as a haven for mind, body, and community wellness in the heart of Brookfield.

For more information, call 203-994-3883 or visit Location: 265 Federal Rd, Brookfield.

Manipura Power Yoga Brookfield - 265 Federal Rd Brookfield CT

Manipura Power Yoga Brookfield - 265 Federal Rd, Brookfield, CT

Manipura Power Yoga Brookfield is a power yoga studio that offers 35 hot power vinyasa and restorative yoga classes a week. ​ Our studio is a community for every body, flexible or not! We... Read More »