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Mar 31, 2024 09:30AM ● By Bobbi Soares

Way to go,

Way to go,

Very good, very good yeah!

Hypnotic rhythm,

A child’s chant,

Journey never ending

except for the pause

Inside the breath.

Illuminate, accentuate

The path to wellness.

Ebb and flow,

Moving meditation.

But where did it go?

Measuring the miles

Traversed inside

Time and space eternal.

Where am I now?

How is it going?

Where are we hiding?

How to recharge,

How to renew?

Letting go, becoming

Peace at peace


How it happens

In the light.

Where it happens

in the flow of stillness.

Recharge, renew,

Letting go, no worries.

Remembering we do enough,

we are enough,

Illuminates our souls journey,

To find love, strength

and courage in the flow.

Barbara “Bobbi” Soares is a certified sound healing coach and vocal yoga practitioner in New Milford. She is available for concerts and musical performances for gatherings, workshops and community events. Connect at [email protected], 860-946-9470 or find Hummingbird Sound Yoga on Facebook. See ad, page 5.

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