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Aliza Freedman

The Computer Fairy

In 2010, Aliza Freedman was having lunch with a family friend and we were sharing updates on our family, friends and everyday life challenges. She shared how she needed to scan important documents and email them to her insurance company that afternoon... there was one thing holding her up... she didn't know how to scan and attach the documents to an email. Aliza was surprised because she ran a successful small business and assumed she knew how to do such tasks. She shared, that after our lunch, she was going to an office supply store 20 minutes away, wait in line for 10 minutes, and pay $8 just to email the file. She had no choice but to do just that — and felt embarrassed, frustrated and powerless. ​ Aliza thought more about this after our lunch over the next couple of days. IF her friend had these issues then there were probably many more just like her. Stay at home moms, retired people, empty nesters and solo entrepreneurs that all have one thing in common. They need someone to come to them to answer questions and patiently show them how to handle a situation concerning their computer with confidence and competence. ​ Through the years, The Computer Fairy has helped many clients. Don't hesitate; contact Aliza today to talk about how she can change the way you look at your home computer.