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Top 5 Tips for Learning New Computer Skills

Mar 31, 2021 05:00PM ● By Aliza Freedman

 The world has changed dramatically since 2020, and is continuing to do so. In the “New Age of COVID”, both business and personal use have seen the need for updating old computers, as well as first-time buyers who realize that to stay connected to a world in which they are used to being physically connected, they now have no choice but to “virtually connect”.

Whether our children must learn remotely, we must work from home, we want to learn about online classes or a myriad of other requirements, many don’t know where to begin. All of these opportunities and requirements are only helpful if we know how to use a computer, smart phone or tablet. Often, we don’t pursue a solution because we don’t know one exists. We tough it out or we put it off, in the hopes that our wishes and needs to learn more about technology might magically be solved.

To get started on the exciting journey to becoming more computer literate, follow these easy tips.

1: First, and most importantly, set your mind to acknowledging that learning something new can feel very intimidating and it is natural to feel insecure or anxious.

2: Commit to learning what matters most to you—in terms of the top couple of items on your wish list. Breaking down your questions or concerns makes it much easier to set the goals of achieving success. There is no need to tackle more than one thing at a time.

3: Go at your own pace. Even with someone there guiding you, there is no need to feel in a hurry, or under pressure to master something right away—these things take time and practice, much like learning any other new skill.

4: There are two kinds of learners: those who feel comfortable “playing around” on their computers to experiment, and those who are too nervous or overwhelmed to do anything until guidance arrives. Whichever describes you is perfectly fine. Don’t force yourself, one way or the other.

Also, there really isn’t too much you can do to “wreck” your computer. You have to work pretty hard to delete all the files, or cause the computer to come crashing down.

5: Try to envision being successful. Fast-forward to a time in the near future when you feel confident and comfortable, and your computer is an ally. Once you can see it in your head, that’s half the challenge.

Getting “unstuck” is simply a matter of time and slow, detailed instructions. People are amazed at what they eventually accomplish all on their own—and the emotion is taken out of it completely. The only thing one feels in the end is confidence and empowerment—things so many of us seek.

With patient and uniquely tailored one-on-one lessons, Aliza Freedman, owner of The Computer Fairy, has been helping women to feel comfortable and confident with technology for over 10 years. The Computer Fairy does most of her lessons remotely for now, while COVID is still a health risk. Connect at 203-554-5975, [email protected] and See ad, page 7.

The Computer Fairy - NA Stamford CT

The Computer Fairy

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