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Natural Awakenings Fairfield & Southern Litchfield Counties

Certified Career Coach, Hypnotist, & Teacher of Active Dreaming Remote sessions available

Career Coach / Hypnotist: I help you clear away subconscious blocks and use intuition to discover your unique gifts. My clients create a meaningful career of their dreams that is Soul Centered. When you are ready to have a career that lights you up, call for a free 60-minute consultation. 12+ years experience helping clients connect to their soul.

Past Life Review: Discovering your soul’s past lives can lead to understanding, healing and a rejuvenation of your life/career journey. You can heal difficult relationships, acquire skills from a past life, and heal karma. Your soul came here to do meaningful work. Past Life Review helps you understand your soul’s purpose with more clarity and peace. When you are ready for a career that lights up your soul, call for a free 20-minute consultation. 12+ years experience helping clients connect with their soul.