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Six Stepping-Stones to Your Dream Career

Thea Litsios

Thea Litsios

Thea Litsios, a Certified Career Coach, is hosting a six-week group coaching program that will start you on your journey to creating the career you have been longing for. Gain clarity, insight and confidence. Learn how to tap into your intuition to discover a career that gives you joy and fulfillment. Then get clear on what steps you need to take to create your dream career. This will be an online group coaching program with a small, supportive group, beginning February 22, from 6:30 to 8pm, for six weeks.

The program will cover the following:
• Week 1: Career Assessment. Get a clear view of where you are now. What works and what doesn’t work?
• Week 2: Get Curious. Become curious about your inner guidance. Learn how to tap into your intuition to discover the deepest wishes of your soul.
• Week 3: Career Vision 2.0. Begin to build your Career Vision 2.0 from what you discovered in week 1 and 2.
• Week 4: Map to the Future. Create a clear path to the vision of your dream career.
• Week 5: Clearing Obstacles. Uncover and clear obstacles and limiting beliefs that are blocking your new career from manifesting.
• Week 6: Implementation. With all that you have learned, create a plan to implement the actions necessary to create your dream career plan to implement the actions necessary to create your dream career.

For more information and to register, call 203-693-1493 or visit Cost is $497. See ad, page 2.

pThea Litsiosp

Thea Litsios

Certified Career Coach, Hypnotist, & Teacher of Active Dreaming Remote sessions available Career Coach / Hypnotist: I help you clear away subconscious blocks and use intuition to ... Read More » 



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