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The #1 Block to Your Success

Jun 24, 2011 01:24PM ● By Deberah Bringelson

When fear creeps into your life and overtakes your emotions, you send mixed messages to your clients, your boss, the Universe. Your mouth and mind say, “Yes! I want success, I want more money, I want a great life!” At the same time, your energy and your gut screams, “NO! I don’t believe I can have it! I don’t deserve it! Don’t give it to me!”

Guess what? That mixed message is destroying your success – big time!

It’s like listening to the radio during a thunderstorm. Doesn’t come in so well, does it? Fear is an electrical storm in your life. Like the radio, you cannot “receive” the signals and abundance that you desire…..and deserve. FEAR is the number one thing that stands between you and what you want.

The great news is that you are in 100% control. You have the ability to kick this roadblock out of your life. The most important thing to remember about eliminating your fears is to release them. Don’t fight or resist them. That only makes them stronger. Acknowledge and allow them to inspire you to change whatever is worrying you.

When fear has you in its clutches, it can be paralyzing. Here’s one of my favorite tricks for soothing the mind and body and allowing light to shine through the storm.

The next time fear grabs you, stop immediately. Recognize that you’re feeling fear because you thinking about or imagining something that you don’t want. If you change your thoughts to focus on something that you love, you change the energy.

Relive intense, joyful moments in your life. Allow those feelings to wash over you; love and comfort to radiate out from your heart and into the situation that was causing distress. Flood the fear with new energy and focus.

With that release comes a renewed ability to recognize previously hidden solutions, to take action, or find additional help.

Deberah Bringelson is a published author and career specialist. Retired from the corporate world, Deberah teaches clients and students all over the world how to make a great income living their own dreams and passions.

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