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Enriching Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Health : at Hartford Family Institute’s Center for Psychotherapy and Healing

The Hartford Family Institute’s Center for Psychotherapy and Healing offers a professional training program for therapists, an integrative health program for healers and a human relations program for non-therapists. To present more information about the training style offered at the Center, free workshops are being held on May 18, June 22, July 13, August 3 and September 9.

            Since 1969, Hartford Family Institute (HFI) has been serving individuals and groups for concerns such as stress, career change, life transition, parenting, divorce, trauma, mental health and illness, chronic and terminal illness and relationship issues. Services include Buddhist conflict resolution for couples, Shamanic healing sessions, life coaching, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, Qi Gong, Reiki and massage therapy.

            For healing professionals, like nurses, massage therapists, yoga instructors, personal trainers, movement therapists and energy healers, HFI offers a Master’s in Pastoral Counseling developed in affiliation with the Graduate Theological Foundation. It is a non-denominational program and no religious affiliation is necessary; however, a Bachelor’s degree is a pre-requisite for application. The program offers concentrations in either integrative healing or somatic expressive therapy. The curriculum is psycho/spiritual in nature, based on the theories of in-depth body psychotherapy and subtle energy healing.

            For those who are just curious about the unique emotional, mental and energy systems that affect how we interact with others, HFI offers workshops concentrating on creating a more satisfying life, developing deeper intimacy and understanding the impact that life experiences have on well-being and peace of mind.

            HFI uses an approach that encourages the connection of mind, body and spirit, which was derived from combining Western and Eastern psychology, Native American philosophy and a variety of spiritual and wisdom traditions with valid scientific research from physics, neurobiology, physiology and other health sciences.

For more information, contact Hartford Family Institute’s Center for Psychotherapy and Healing, 17 S. Highland Street, West Hartford. 860.236.6009. [email protected].

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