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Natural Awakenings Fairfield Cty/Housatonic Valley, CT

July 2013 Publisher's Letter


The editor of Natural Awakenings’ flagship magazine recently remarked how working with the publication the past 10 years has enabled her to take flight and soar. I am just starting to work  with the magazine, but I know what she means, because Natural Awakenings has already changed my life. 

The first time the magazine shifted my life course was five years ago when I came across an ad by The Graduate Institute (TGI) for their Masters’ Degree program in Experiential [now Integrative] Health and Healing (details on page 13). I ripped the page from the magazine, headed to the computer, and began a years-long odyssey of self-healing and transformation that left me changed inside and out. I credit the magazine for pointing me to a path more aligned with my values and TGI for providing the tools, teachers, and support to do the work my soul longed for.  

The second time Natural Awakenings changed my life is now, at this moment. As I write the first of many letters to my new community, I am humbled and inspired by the power of this publication and honored its stewardship has come to me. I cite myself as my own best example about the need for this magazine. The ability of the magazine to educate, inform, inspire and empower is the reason it is evolving and gathering strength in 90 communities at a time when ideas are reshaping our world as never before. 

Recently while completing an application form, I wrote “Change Agent” in the blank labeled “Occupation. I understand my soul purpose in life is to inspire and empower change, for myself and others. I have done this throughout my career, regardless of job title or actual place of business. I have worked as a writer, editor, project manager, developer of continuing medical education (CME) programs, salesperson, educator, mentor, and coach. I am active in animal rescue, a full-time mom to three rescued furkids, and a proud part-time mom for my fiancé’s three wonderful children. In all these roles, my underlying purpose is to facilitate the alchemical process of changing what is into what could be.

My new role as publisher of Natural Awakenings of Fairfield County furthers the scope of my mission. As publisher, I will be working with dozens—even hundreds—of people, networking and enabling the change process for tens of thousands of readers I may never meet but who eagerly seek information within these pages. The gratitude I feel for this opportunity cannot be overstated. It would not have been possible without the loving generosity and support of my fiancé, Richard Bruno, and outgoing publisher, Carolyn Aversano, in whose big footsteps I now step. I send a heartfelt thank you to both of them.

I am grateful for the warm welcome received from readers and advertisers I’ve already had the pleasure to work with. I anticipate getting to know more of you, extending conversations to encompass the larger community. 

The unfolding power, breadth and depth of expertise and energy in Fairfield County is immense. Every contribution, large or small, helps us all grow, evolve, transform and heal. Thank you for your participation in the amazing Natural Awakenings community. Whatever you do, it matters, even if it seems small. 


In gratitude, 

Nicole Miale, Publisher

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