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Relieving Back Pain, Increasing Motion: Patients Benefit from Cox® Technic Flexion-Distraction

Feb 27, 2014 03:49AM ● By Natasha Michaels

Chiropractic physician and Black Rock Holistic Center founder Kristine DeMarco was  suffering from debilitating low back and neck pain after a car accident two years ago. Like many Americans with lower back injuries, she desperately sought non-surgical relief. In her research, she learned about the Cox® Technic approach, a non-surgical, doctor-controlled, hands-on spinal manipulation performed on the Cox® Table, a proprietary, specially designed chiropractic instrument. Intrigued, she wanted to try it, only to find there were at the time only two active and certified doctors in Connecticut who had the Cox® table. She traveled to West Haven for a series of treatments and her experience not only greatly improved her own situation but changed her practice and now is enhancing the lives of her patients.

“It is so difficult to explain to people how this technique feels and what it can do for you,” she said. “I know because I experienced it and it made such a difference in my life. That’s why I set out to become certified in the technique and have now acquired a Cox® table. At this point, I’m one of only four or five active and certified chiropractors in the state with a Cox® table. There’s a reason I’ve made this investment in time and money. It really helps my patients!”

Cox® Technic was developed by James M. Cox, DC, DACBR, who describes the technique as a “marriage of chiropractic principles with osteopathic principles,” emphasizing gentle, non-force manipulation which works with the body’s own natural ability to heal. Nearly 50 years of documented research, experience and technology is continually refining the technique and improving the Cox® table, which is the key to the approach’s success. Physicians who are certified in the approach are required to keep attending continuing education programs to maintain their active status as research updates the protocols.

During a treatment, the patient lies prone on the Cox® table while the treating physician isolates one vertebral motion segment at a time. All the while, the table itself exerts a gentle and slow “push, pull, pumping” effect, enhanced by the manipulation provided by the practitioner.

“When you’re on the table it feels like nothing is actually happening,” said F.B., a new patient of DeMarco’s who recently experienced her first treatment on the Cox® table. “I was relaxing, enjoying Dr. DeMarco’s attention and wondering when the treatment was going to start. Then I realized it was already happening! When it was done, I felt so free and loose. You don’t realize how tight you are until things are loosened.”

The goal of the technique, which is particularly effective for low back and leg pain but is also effective for the upper spine and neck compression, is to reduce pressure on aggravated discs and facets. This reduces pressure on trapped nerves and allows for better spinal motion. There are very specific protocols designed to treat each injury and area of treatment.

“There is a mechanical as well as manual effect with the table, which is unbeatable,” said DeMarco. “And because of the way the table can be adjusted and rotated, it creates new possibilities for who can be treated. For example, I’m able to treat pregnant women because of the table’s flexibility. Many pregnant women suffer from low back pain especially later in pregnancy, but it becomes difficult to do conventional adjustments. The Cox® technique is perfect because it’s so gentle and the table makes it possible for a patient to lie in different positions and still receive treatment.”

According to the Cox® Technic website, there are currently only three active, certified Cox® Technic physicians in Fairfield County, DeMarco and two chiropractic physicians at Danbury Chiropractic and Wellness.

Natasha Michaels is a contributing writer to Natural Awakenings Fairfield County.

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