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Celebrate Earth Day 2014: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to Renew the Health of Our Planet

Whether already an activist or still struggling to sort recyclables, we all have a prime opportunity during the week of April 22 to renew our individual and collective pledge to tread more lightly on the planet.

“Environmentalism touches every part of our lives, from what we eat to what we wear to what we breathe,” says Earth Day Network President Kathleen Rogers. “Learning about where our food comes from or how a product is made can be fun,” she continues, “and awareness is the foundation for action.”

More than a billion citizens have already registered their acts of green through the organization’s website; this year, the campaign seeks to engage a billion more. Suggestions range from the personal, such as pledging to stop using disposable plastic, to the political, in calling our congressional representatives to reestablish a tax credit program for renewable energy.

With an estimated two out of every three people on Earth expected to be living in cities by 2050—straining water, energy and transportation systems—Earth Day Network has chosen Green Cities as this year’s theme. Advocates are calling upon cities to invest in smart grids, overhaul outdated building codes and increase public transportation options.

U.S. success stories helping to lead the way include Chicago’s Solar Express program, using incentives to drive solar installations, and New York City’s pedestrian plazas, designed to replace urban gridlock with open space. Denver’s low-income South Lincoln neighborhood is also getting a makeover with its green public housing community that boasts a platinum-certified Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design building. Its energy efficiency and water reuse systems are reducing resource consumption by up to 40 percent. Plus, bicycle lanes in roads and expanded access to city bus and tram systems decrease traffic-related pollution.

Visit to pledge a personal act of green, find a volunteer opportunity or learn more about the re-greening of urban communities around the world. Help Fairfield County celebrate its progress toward sustainability at these local Earth Day 2014 events.

Saturday, April 26

7th Annual Newtown Earth Day Festival
Newtown Middle School
Queen St, Newtown

Saturday, April 26

Fairfield’s Earth Day Celebration
Fairfield Warde High School
755 Melville Ave, Fairfield

Sunday, April 27

Earth Day Celebration At Trumbull Nature and Arts Center
7115 Main St, Trumbull
10 am-3pm

Sunday, May 4

Wilton Go Green 2014
Wilton Town Green and Wilton Library

Saturday, May 17

8th Annual Milford Earth Day Celebration
Flower Field, Milford
8 am-3pm

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