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The Graduate Institute Offers New MA in Writing and Oral Tradition

The Graduate Institute (TGI) in Bethany is offering a new degree, Master of Arts in Writing and Oral Tradition, in which students will study memoirs, poetry, children’s literature, short stories, non-fiction, screenplays and much more. Instruction is given in both traditional publishing practices and the emerging field of e-publishing.

“Everyone loves a good story,” said Robin Moore, who serves as Program Coordinator and is also a professional storyteller and author. “Stories help us to make sense of a world that often seems frightening and chaotic. Whether the stories spring from personal experience, folklore or purely from imagination, the tried and true techniques of storytelling, storylistening and storycreating can give authors a fresh perspective on the writing process.” 

Unlike the traditional MFA degree, TGI’s approach to the study of writing values collaboration and community in place of competition and criticism. Another unique facet of the program is its emphasis on oral tradition and the spoken word as the foundations of modern narrative.  Beginning May 2, classes will meet one weekend per month (Friday from 5 to 9pm and Saturday from 9am to 5pm).

For more information, visit Learn.Edu/OT, call 203-874-4252 or email [email protected]. See ad, page 15.

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