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Numerology Perspective on 2015 : A Year of Abundance for Us All!

Feb 02, 2015 03:49PM ● By Greer Jonas

Northern Lights 33 Contrast by Greer Jonas

Now that we have shifted from 2014 to 2015, are you wondering if the new number will have a vibrational effect in your life? According to numerology, 2015 has a distinctively new and powerful vitality which will affect all of us in some way.

In numerology, all numbers have a vibration and energy. Let’s take a look at this new year.

2+0+1+5 = 8. Eight is the number of power and abundance. A dynamic energy begins to unfold, where you can accomplish your goals and dreams in a clearer way. The eight is abundance in all forms – your power, your relationships, your money, your spirit.

It is an exciting and energetic boost to your body, mind and soul. What will you do to enhance your life this coming year? The shift to eight will give you a new outlook to observe everything in your life in a different and more productive way. It might be a bit scary for some and for others it might be the boost that helps you get through a project you have been holding off. How will you embrace this universal eight year?

Finding your personal Year In 2015

Everyone has a unique personal year number (based on your birthday) which changes as the year changes. This is your new theme for the year. For example, if your birthday was April 1, your personal year for 2015 is a 4 (4+1+2+0+1+5=13, then 3+1=4). The four year is a year of organization and building and often focuses on home, new projects and grounding. If your year is a four, it will be a great time to get thing done that you have been putting off.

Want to find your personal year? Check out the numerology calculator at

All About Love

February, the second month of the year, is the month of love. Two is the numerological vibration of relationships of all kinds: romantic, social, friends and family, business and, of course, self. It is the energy of balance and fairness and truth. How do we connect with another? Do we come from the heart or the head when we interact? Do we consider self-love in our relationships?

With 2015 – the universal year of eight, February can be a great opportunity to be really bold in our communications and heartfelt expansion for each other. It can be a great time for meeting new loves or rekindling existing relationships with loved ones. The eight year is a bold energy; we can certainly take advantage of it to give us the courage to take chances, to step out and do something we might otherwise shy away from. We need to be true to ourselves – not act on a formula of what might work or to please someone else while negating self-love.

The word of eight is empowerment by inspiring others and ourselves to claim the power within. In love, it is the same. This year is a time to fly and dance with another with open hearts and spirit.

Greer Jonas, an intuitive numerologist, teacher and artist, has been practicing numerology and teaching classes for more than 20 years. She offers classes and readings in Greenwich and New York City, NY, as well as Skype and phone consultations. She can be reached at [email protected] or

Artwork contributed by Greer Jonas.