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Cosmic Rhythms

May 05, 2015 11:14PM ● By Alethea Hunt

May begins with an emotionally insightful Full Moon in Scorpio on May 3. You can use this lunation for psychological illumination regarding your habits, needs and cravings; particularly when it comes to gaining perspective on appetites and/or vices. Balance will be important so you’re neither sucked too far into the emotional deep end through overcomplicating matters, nor keeping an overly simplistic perspective that distracts you from any inner turbulence. To this end, you might watch for a possible inclination to overcompensate with good times, parties, excessive “playtime,” an exaggerated focus upon your children, or an over-emphasis upon a lover as a sort of diversionary tactic.

A predominant theme throughout May is being able to tap into the “small, still voice” within due to repeated contact between Mercury and Neptune in the days surrounding the May 9 and 29, respectively. These are excellent times to sit in quiet reflection and ask or pray for your guides/angels/highest self/divinity to come through with spiritual guidance. This may not be without its challenges since Mercury is inhabiting Gemini. Try setting up a distraction-free and possibly gadget-free zone. Enter this state with the aid of a little relaxation music or even a guided meditation – treat it like a mini-retreat and see what your intuition has to say. Look for little cosmic signs and symbols in everyday happenings. Pay special attention to what your dreams have to say around these dates. Mercury will also turn retrograde from May 18 to June 11. These dates and adjacent days are ones to avoid for any important correspondence or making handshake deals due to the general lack of clarity that can occur when these energies co-mingle. You’re better off letting things float during these times.

Mid-month is a good time for a little extra consideration with your words as Mars in Gemini pulls into a rather prolonged opposition with Saturn between May 10 and 20. You might think about with whom you initiate conversation or what subjects you speak about in order to avoid verbal sparring/clashes. This isn’t really a time to run around challenging others’ paradigms – you’re highly likely to encounter resistance and can wind up metaphorically bashing your head against a wall. If you find that you do have to address a hot topic or initiate a dialog likely to be challenging, it is best that you utilize a healthy dose of respect and self-restraint to moderate this energy.

The new moon will be in money-making Taurus on May 18. If you’re setting an intention for this moon, it’s a good time to align with things like budgets, the curbing of excess expenditures, and/or possibly putting money away for a safety net or savings plan. This is an earthy new moon with its contact to Saturn; matters on the material plane are definitely favored.

A practitioner of Western Tropical astrology, Alethea Hunt has been practicing for more than 17 years. Connect with her at 203-917-6312, [email protected] or