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World Conscious Pact Fosters Connection : Providing Ancestral Awareness to Children Via Yoga and Meditation

Aug 03, 2016 01:04AM ● By Gabriela Ramon

The World Conscious Pact is an international network of conscious artists and activists united for Mother Earth. Their five stated objectives are to protect animals, humanity and nature while also promoting a conscious consumer culture and helping to preserve the ancestral wisdom of indigenous cultures around the world.

Numerous indigenous communities have been implementing measures of guaranteeing security for future generations for thousands of years—such as the Haudenosaunee practice of preserving natural resources for the next seven generations. Unfortunately, studies show that the current generation may be the last generation with the opportunity to reverse any environmental damage.

“We have to respect life to the maximum, and that’s why the way we care for children is always a priority. We have to give children ancestral wisdom from the time they’re young; tomorrow they’re the ones who will have to apply, care for, cultivate and pass on this knowledge. We have to pay close attention to the sustainability of natural processes, taking into account that humanity is always growing,” says Ulrich Harlan (Paramadvaiti Swami), the co-founder of World
Conscious Pact.

The World Conscious Pact supports initiatives that work toward promoting environmental awareness, especially among youth. In Fairfield County, volunteers offer yoga and meditation classes for children from ages four to 13 every Saturday from 4-5:30pm at 19 Starr Avenue in Danbury. The objective of these classes is to guide children on a learning path toward a more conscious relationship with Mother Earth and with themselves. These classes use techniques from the School of Inbound Yoga, a system that applies the millennial teachings of yoga philosophy to the needs of the modern world. Children will learn yoga techniques such as asanas (yoga positions), pranayamas (breathing techniques) and meditation to help develop better self control. They will also be encouraged to foster a connection to the environment through crafts and activities—such as creating mandalas from natural materials, decorating rocks, theater and more. The classes have no formal charge; however, children can bring a donation of flowers or fruits to foster an attitude of gratitude and appreciation.

Rapid industrialization has caused detrimental consequences for the environment. Educators around the world have a responsibility to project sustainable messages that won’t be a pleasure today and a disaster tomorrow. We exploit the planet every day and her natural resources are usually viewed in relation to the service they provide for humans. For this reason, as inhabitants of the planet, we have no other option than to live a lifestyle that cares for her, promotes her protection, and guarantees that future generations will also have the ability to do so.

Gabriela Ramon is a World Conscious Pact coordinator in the Northeast and has been studying Inbound for nine years. She is currently an organizer of Chaski Fest, an environmental festival uniting artists and activists in the protection of Mother Earth, and gives weekly yoga and meditation classes.

Chaski Fest will take place on July 30 at the Danbury Green, Ives St, Danbury. Children ages four to 13 are invited to yoga and meditation classes every Saturday from 4-5:30pm at 19 Starr Avenue in Danbury.

For more information about getting involved in World Conscious Pact activities in the Northeast, visit, email
[email protected] or call 203-448-9886.

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