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Cosmic Rhythms - October Issue

Oct 01, 2016 11:31PM ● By Alethea Hunt

Astrological support from Venus and Pluto facilitates money-magnetizing “mojo” circa October 5; it is potentially an ideal time for securing a loan. This may be a mixed date in other respects, however; be aware that Jupiter and Mars also square off now, creating a strong desire to be right or take others to task over a conflicting view. Avoid an impulse to correct others’ worldviews, beliefs and/or politics as this kind of behavior does have the capacity to blow tempers out of proportion quite easily—especially with election time so close. Instead, check your own behavior and act in a humble, respectful manner while showing tolerance for others’ views. 

Big relationship discussions may take place as Mercury joins Jupiter in Libra on October 11. While the conversation may not be the easiest due to other astrological factors simultaneously at work—such as someone wanting or pushing for a commitment—there’s verbal grace conferred that can help the issue be addressed honestly with finesse. If someone needs to be “let down easy,” this can be a helpful influence; don’t use too much euphemism though or the truth of the message may be missed.

An Aries full moon on October 16 can create tension as people assert their individuality within unions. One or both parties potentially need breathing room in relationships now, which may be problematic for those looking to “play house” together. Do think about this if you’ve been of the mind to push for a domestic living arrangement. People tend to crave excitement and/or passion under this vibe; the togetherness co-habitation entails can sometimes take the spark out of a union. Others may suddenly develop feelings for a friend or roommate, seeing them in more of a romantic light; this is fine provided it doesn’t cause the relationship to get “weird”. Maintaining a level of emotional detachment can help avoid the potential for conflicted, changeable feelings that may send mixed signals. 

Avoid potential conflict with powerful authority figures—even if the battle isn’t overt—the week of October 17. Power struggles are possible at this time. Ticking off a “higher up” such as a boss, parent or even law enforcements figures isn’t advisable since an abuse or misuse of their “authority” could occur. Don’t take any negative bait under this vibe as it may give incentive to become the target of someone’s wrath under such touchy astrology. If you are the one in a position of authority, be very careful how you wield it as some test of power could surface that carries a negative energetic blowback. It’s not a time to control; instead, redirect focus toward having personal accountability for how you’re using your energy so you do it responsibly. 

A nearly four-week mutual reception kicks in on October 18 between Venus and Jupiter, becoming strongest on October 26. Watch for extravagant spending—especially on a significant other—but overall this can be a good vibe for relationships based on mutual growth. This “mutual growth” can also be literal where couples plump up together as this “mojo” can stimulate the sweet tooth. If this is not the kind of growth you had in mind, try to be a positive influence on one another from a diet and exercise standpoint.

Lastly, a Scorpio new moon on October 30 amps up magical power with its contact to mystical Neptune. If you want to banish a vice or addiction, this is prime time for setting an intention to do so; definitely do not be afraid to use meditation, visualization and/or more esoteric methods to help your intention along.

A practitioner of Western Tropical astrology, Alethea Hunt has been practicing for more than 17 years. Connect with her at 203-917-6312, [email protected] or

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