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Cosmic Rhythms - November 2016 Issue

Nov 01, 2016 11:15PM ● By Alethea Hunt

Great vibes for love, money and friendship are in the air early November as Venus glides toward alignment with the social, liberating and possibly rule-breaking Uranus, all while escaping the iron grasp of restrictive Saturn. With Venus gaining further support from Jupiter, recognize situations and/or people that may have been holding you down or back as you move toward cultivating connections based more on mutual growth and evolution. Circulate and tap your social networks for fiscal or romantic opportunities; online dating or even Meetup groups may prove to be a blessing. Social spheres become very active once Mars enters Aquarius on November 9, igniting an almost two-month energy exchange with Uranus in Aries.

November’s second week is characterized by an energetic flux with three planets all switching signs from November 9 through 12. Try to hold off on any major decisions or actions during these days; ideally, wait it out until each planet gets situated in its new sign to see if any changes surface and impact the situation. Next comes a full moon in Taurus on November 14; be strategic with cash around this time and watch who you’re mingling financial or other energies with; complicated scenarios can arise. That aside, Medicine Man Chiron contacts this moon; maybe try out a drum circle and honor Mother Earth because there is magic in the earth for sure, and it can facilitate emotional healing. 

The dominant astrological feature of the month is a square between Jupiter and Pluto, exact on Thanksgiving but active all month. Primarily this represents a clash between the forces of expansion (Jupiter) and destruction (Pluto). Something in your life is growing even as something else may be falling apart. There is a good chance this growth relates to a partnership or union, while the collapse may be career-related. It could pertain to a financial implosion since Venus is also involved or it may represent degradation in the state of a relationship with a parent. Let love lift you up; understand that it’s only structures with rotten footings that topple. Look at the big picture to balance any sense of loss.

As an aside, with this vibe, it might not be wise to pick now to introduce a significant other to parents at Thanksgiving. It also may not be the time to use this energy to go away with a love interest on someone else’s tab, particularly if on work-related business as it could damage your relationship with your employer. Another way this could play out may be corporate downsizing or layoffs affecting the availability of funds to travel and see in-laws for the holidays. Although these are some examples, be aware of the general tension between the expansive, open vibe of Jupiter and the darker, potent, potentially power struggle-laden undercurrents of Pluto. On a psychological level, understand the energy of this square can also relate to relationship growth undermined by fear or defensiveness; if so, get a handle on this as soon as possible so as not to lose a good thing.

A practitioner of Western Tropical astrology, Alethea Hunt has been practicing for more than 17 years. Connect with her at 203-917-6312, [email protected] or

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