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Choosing a Healer: Use Discernment; Emphasize Self-Care

Jan 06, 2017 07:11PM ● By Jeanne Street

When it comes to the world of holistic care, there are many amazing options now available for us to choose from. But with so many, it is easy to get lost and feel confused and wonder how to choose the right type of holistic care to best serve our individual needs. With modern medicine now offering alternative care treatments at major hospitals and facilities, we are seeing a boom in many types of healing services being offered. Like every other industry, there are some that are good providers and others that are at a different level. Each plays a role and serves a valuable need.

It can be hard to discern how to best choose where and to whom to go to for our care. Not all practitioners are connected to their work in the same way; some are still connected more to ego, while others may be more divinely based. The practitioners connected to ego are feeding off of the work in a way that serves their ego lower vibrational energy. The “job” of this type of fear-based ego, which is typically unconscious, is to feed us fear and fill our minds with fearful thoughts. It is the opposite of love; it is our free will whether to choose a love tone or to flow in fear. Fear is judgment, anger, resentment, hate, anxiety, depression and dwelling on the past.

When we are in alignment with our divine source, we work within a higher vibrational energy flow—to be of service rather than to be served. When seeking healing from a more divinely based practitioner, we will feel the love flowing through the practitioner and feel relaxed, safe, supported and cared for. We should not feel fearful, anxious, intimidated.

When we need a helping hand, a healing touch, a massage or other holistic alternative care, choose wisely and seek care from those who truly make you “feel better”.

True Healing Emanates from Within

Healing comes when we choose to be healed and not a moment sooner. Healing can only happen when we align to divine energy and take responsibility for the life lessons we are here to learn. We must decide to be an active participant in our own healing and care. Making choices that align with loving ourselves and our bodies by listening to divine guidance is what puts us on the path to healing. No healer or doctor can heal us; holding onto a false sense that a person, a doctor or a healer can magically cure us is turning away from the divine. We align to the miracle of love by choosing it over fear.

The world is in a heightened time of low energy. From politics to religion, Facebook to Twitter, so much energy is flowing around it is sometimes hard to break free of the fearful energy that is constantly coming at us.

How can we disconnect ourselves from this low vibrational energy that alters our well-being?

• Take time to be in nature. This restores the body, mind and soul.

• Walk away from electronic devices for at least two hours a day. Do not have them on or nearby when sleeping.

• Take a salt bath or shower with a non-perfume-based salt scrub. This draws out the toxins in the body and clears the energetic body.

• Eat high vibrational foods; organic diet with lots of vegetables will pro- mote a healthy body and clear mind.

• Self-love. By loving ourselves, we will reflect love into our lives. Self-loathe and we reflect that into our lives. Very simply, our thoughts become our lives.

• Set a clear intention within our prayers to open your connection to the divine and miracle moments.

• Forgive. Forgiveness is the pathway for all healing.

• Compassion without compromise heals the soul and invites love to flow freely.

Jeanne Street is a spiritual medium, healer, author and the founder of Inspirit Healing Studio in Woodbury. She offers classes, workshops, group reading events and client healing sessions. See ad, page 16.