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Natural Awakenings Fairfield Cty/Housatonic Valley, CT

Bow Dawn: A Poem for Patti and The Goddess, one in the same

Nov 02, 2017 07:46PM

Praise be to the Dawn of the expectant hush and
pregnant pause.
All living creatures await your rebirth in deep abiding silence
All of life waiting for the sun’s glorious entrance into this day
of divine creation.

Good Morning Mist as you skillfully hover above the lake
like a magician,
here one moment gone the next.
You and the sun a two man show of now you see me now
you don’t.

Blessed Be to the Water - forgiving, soothing, healing
life force.
Thank you for nourishing my soul in all your changing forms,
for quenching my physical and spiritual thirst.
Praise be to the Yoruba Orisha Yemoya for carrying me in her
lullabies all week long.

Good Morrow Loons; Shiva, Shakti and Baby Ganesha.
Thank you for your echoing calls across Sand Pond
which enter my heart as
the Song of the Beloved.
I feel your vibration move me from head to toe, earth to sky.
Night and day you tirelessly praise the Mystery.

Sunrise Greetings to my new friend Patti who sends me a full
body wave and anjale mudra from her deck.
We share an intimacy like two lovers sharing a secret, the
inner knowing of this precious gift before us.

Good Dawning to the two large woodpeckers announcing
the day with a drum salute
on two decaying trees
reminding me of the interconnectedness of the many
in the One.

Blessed Be to my Practice; to its ebb and flow, my heart,
desire, steadiness and loving awareness.
Love shines forth from my being like the born again sun in
front of my board, warming my wholeness as I paddle and
play - becoming the Goddess herself.

Praise Be to our Earth Mother for showing through steadfast
example how to rediscover my true mothering nature
by falling in love with and mothering myself.
Thank you for earthing me to feel you beneath my bare feet
on my retreat and all of my days circling the center.

I bow down to dawn in gratitude for teaching me that the
nature of life is Holy and surrendering to the Sacred is a
never ending conversation with the soul of the world.

Dawn mirrors life, beginning and ending in love.
Rest in Love.

Cathy Whelehan - (Sand Pond, Maine July 2017)

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