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Self-Healing with Sound: Ancient Techniques Made Accessible

Jan 05, 2018 03:26AM ● By Herman Olivera

"New Age” healing approaches seem to pop up and become fashionable overnight these days. Through the help of social media, there is a tendency for these things to go viral into mainstream awareness in a way they simply couldn’t before. There seems to be specific heightened openness around sound and vibrational healing. Some of this is due to the esthetically pleasing looking and sounding tools like crystal bowls, gongs, bells and more that also double as beautiful decorative pieces for the home. The irony is there is nothing new about these tools; the use of them for healing and transformation dates back to ancient times in cultures across the globe.

Throughout history, the majority of indigenous cultures viewed the world as we know it as “sound”. They also assumed that energy flows through all things, like the trees, streams, ocean waves and even sedentary objects like rocks. Whether you see, hear, feel or believe it, everything in the universe is in a state of vibration. This is important because it widens our perspective; it turns out that “sound” is much more than what falls between our ears. Sound is a powerful vibratory energy that envelops us. If harnessed and utilized correctly, it can prove to be beneficial and serve us well in self-healing. If you have ever experienced live music close up, you may have felt the sound waves shower over your body, causing your bones to tingle and body hair to stand on end. 

Sound is an accessible healing modality; you can work with it on your own on a regular daily basis, and don’t have to break the bank in the process. For chronic or acute conditions, you may want to seek the support of a skilled shamanic practitioner or sound healing therapist, but for general maintenance and restorative balance it is possible to use a simple drum, rattle, hum or your own singing voice at home. People can use their bodies as a percussion instrument and voice as a tool for self-expression. It is often assumed that drums and rattles are used in all shamanic healing traditions, but this isn’t necessarily true. In actuality, they simply make the most of whatever tool is readily available in their natural surroundings, like medicinal plant leaves, sticks, stones, bones and voice, which is the shaman’s ultimate healing tool of choice.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves. A shaman’s role is simply to bring balance by restoring the natural flow of life by serving as a catalyst to remove all blockages and obstructions. Most use sound-like sacred prayer or soul songs, such as “Icaros”, in almost all sessions to get into a trance-like state to communicate with spirit. The powerful singing reactivates, cleanses and energizes the client’s mind, body and soul. Built-up stagnant energy and blockage can lead to disease and disharmony in our lives when left untreated. Just as we brush our teeth, bathe and take the time to groom ourselves on a daily basis, it’s up to us to also properly protect and take care of our energy fields.

Western medicine serves its purpose, as does holistic and/or spirit medicine. They are all necessary, but we need to find our own natural balance to integrate them into our lives. We live in a society where modern medicine is quick to prescribe a drug when we fall out of harmony with ourselves, but there are other ways to retain your natural rhythm and harmony. Incorporating a self-sound healing ritual is a good place to start. Maintaining a sound healing meditation ritual on your own can harmonize the vibrations in your body and surroundings. Sound has the ability to travel beyond deep tissue and get to those hard-to-reach areas, even deep tissue, organs and bones. 

Starting Your Sound Healing at Home

1. ​Find a Simple Instrument/Tool 

You don’t have to blow your budget on fancy musical instruments or expensive healing tools. You can purchase a simple rattle/shaker at a music store or make one yourself by placing dried beans in a plastic water bottle. Or simply use your voice. You always have it with you, and it sounds great in the shower.

2. Create Time

Before you begin this process it’s important that you honor and give yourself the undivided attention you deserve. 7-15 minutes is all you need. If you can’t find time to do this every day, simply start off with two days a week. For example, start with Tuesday and Fridays at sunrise, and put it into your calendar. 

3. Set Intention (The Key Step)

Let go of distracting thoughts. Setting a focused and strong intention leads to greater results, especially when you are working on targeted areas. Frequency is the actual sound you create with your instrument or vocals. The energy behind the sound is the intent, which gets projected into the sound. The key is combining the two, because one without the other may not yield the result you seek.

4. Create Your Specific Sound

We are all vibratory luminous beings, but we are unique in our own little ways and respond to certain sounds differently. It’s good to know your sonic prescriptions. You may find certain sounds soothing, but others agitating. If you choose to start off using your voice, simply sound out the vowel sounds A-E-I-O-U in rhythmic patterns, allowing yourself to explore with low and high octaves. Over time, certain “Icaros” soul songs will flow through you.

If you decide you want to start off with a drum or rattle, focus and create a simple repetitive rhythmic beat to help induce a trance-like state. Once you get comfortable with your routine, you can combine voice, rattle and/or drum.  

5. Envisioning

Now the final stepis to imagine a spherical egg-shaped energy field surrounds you. Whether you’re in the bath, a quiet room or outdoors, allow yourself to feel radiant light showering over your body and targeted areas. The combination and intentionality of the frequency of sound and vision will help facilitate the healing and restorative process. 

6. Rinse, Repeat and Journal your Results 

Herman Olivera is a Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Transformational Life/Business Coach and Core Member of The New York Shamanic Circle. Connect at 203-449-3276, [email protected] or for private/group sessions, regularly scheduled events, drum and shamanic circles in CT/NY.

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