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Family Resources and Fun at Children’s Holistic Health Fair

The Children’s Holistic Health Fair (CHHF) connects families with holistic resources to help them overcome social-emotional, behavioral, learning, developmental and health challenges they experience with their children. This year’s fair will be held June 8 from 10am to 4pm at New Morning Market in Woodbury, offering resources and fun activities for the whole family, showcasing programs, products and services.

  The CHHC will feature holistic wellness professionals, authors of children’s and adult books, children’s activities, goody bags, free samples and literature, light refreshments, raffle prizes and more. A new feature this year is the Virtual CHHF live stream and private Facebook group, allowing families who cannot attend to access recordings and interact with participants after the event.

A sampling of the holistic options available at the fair include: acupuncture; allergies, asthma and food sensitivities treatments; art therapy; autism, ADHD, ADD and SPD management; brain games; chiropractic; cognitive behavioral therapy; Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping); Reiki; essential oils; family nutrition; home and environmental toxins; homeopathy; hypnosis; mindfulness, meditation and breathwork; music therapy; naturopathic medicine; neurofeedback/biofeedback; occupational therapy; organic personal care products; sensory therapies; social emotional behavioral therapies; vision therapy; yoga; tai chi, qigong; and more.

There are two ticket options, one per family. The Live Attendance ticket includes access to all live attractions, prizes and giveaways, plus FB group and virtual CHHF recordings. The Virtual CHHF ticket includes FB group, CHHF live stream and recordings.

For more information and tickets, email [email protected] or visit Location: New Morning Market, 129 Main St N, Woodbury.

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