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Magical People : A Spiritual Perspective of Autism

Jul 31, 2019 07:24PM ● By Berta Prevosti

Understanding the commonly misunderstood condition of autism—and finding answers to the unanswerable—can be very difficult, especially if you are the parent of one of these magical people. They have come to show and teach us that so much of the suffering we experience in this life comes from ignorance about why we are here in the first place. 

Autistic Syndrome Disorder (ASD) can be better understood by exploring why these magical people are here, as well as what we can learn from them.

It’s all about growth; we, as human beings, need to grow. The longer we live in a world of aggression and abuse, we see more individuals returning to this earth to help heal others and guide them into a new stage in their cycles of life, death and rebirth—this is known as samsara. We all have chosen the lives we live for reasons of spiritual growth as well as to burn off karma. Our souls consciously choose our lives and our parents, as well as the physical and mental conditions in which we return. 

People with ASD are a bridge between these two worlds, unique and loving beings here to spread love. Additionally, they are attached to a separate dimension, which at times allows them to appear as geniuses and at other times causes them to be unable to connect with others in the manner to which we are accustomed. We see them as “different” and, indeed, they are, but these beings are special because they have come here to teach us compassion, love, and understanding. Their role is to help us heal from the suffering we experience in this life or in other past lives. 

Autistic individuals are able to connect to or communicate with the higher self, and they do it as naturally as many of us connect to our lower selves. They are more connected to the spiritual realm than they are connected to the physical world in which they live. That is why they have a difficult time communicating with the rest of us. Mistakenly, it is believed that they inhabit a more internal world; rather, they exist on a more external/astral plane, while we live a much smaller existence. 

They exist more in their upper chakras than their lower ones; this is evident in the number of autistic individuals that excel in mathematics, music, the arts and more. They have little or no concern for survival or sexuality, which is related to lower chakras.

Parents of these children have no part in causing this condition in their children; rather the individual has chosen to be born with this condition and to their parents in order to stimulate the growth of all involved. The parents themselves chose a very difficult but most important life experience—that of helping these individuals live their magical existence. Autistic individuals are innocent, trusting and find themselves misplaced in this world where everyone else seems to be consumed by their own lives and agendas. In a sense, they live on an alternative plane. They always speak their truth; they simply do not know how to lie. They do not connive, and they cannot even conceive of willfully harming another being. They experience life on an intuitive level that other mortals can only imagine.  

People with autism are completely genuine, and experience everything in the present with no concern for the past or future. This makes them more empathetic and telepathic, traits associated with a higher frequency of spiritual development. Their existence was chosen at a soul level, so they can experience life in this specific environment. 

They choose the people and community with which they live, so they can teach others acceptance, non-judgment and compassion, and demonstrate that magic is possible. Many will need care from family and community, which offers the opportunity for unity and growth on so many levels. 

Throughout life we will hopefully come to understand these are magical and pure people. The world is an amazing and miraculous place where we have the ability to experience the magic of all of God’s creations if we suspend our judgment and expectation that we know the way things should be.  

Berta Prevosti, the owner of The Jiiva Center in Stratford, is a certified Reiki Master in Usui and Karuna Systems of Universal Hands on Energy Healing and a 500-hour certified yoga teacher. Connect at See ad, page 25. 

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