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Natural Awakenings Fairfield & Southern Litchfield Counties

The Advance Guard for Human Ascension

Oct 01, 2019 12:14PM ● By Alison David Bird

Light-Workers, Star-Seed, Way-Showers, Code Writers, Keepers of the Flame, Human Portals, Gatekeepers and Truth Seekers: All are being called on to step up and into their power on the path toward self-realization, awakening and reunification with Source, as we return to a state of expanded consciousness.

As the next wave of cosmic energy washes over the surface of the planet, many individuals are becoming aware of these intensifying frequencies, and some are struggling to assimilate them. Others may be experiencing a rise in chaos and confusion, because as the Light intensifies, it illuminates darker elements, as the battle for ascension continues to wage. 

However, these darker energies will be defeated as Light forces have been successful in reaching critical mass, and malevolent forces are rolling in their death throes. The shift will continue, whether in a slow, gentle, progressive and creative way through the ingenuity of mankind with its newfound awareness and increased consciousness, or decisively in a series of cataclysmic Earth-changing events, which will pull the planet through the void into the Fifth Dimension.

To ensure that the timeline of probability we choose is the gentler of the two, it is important now that Light-Workers, Way-Showers and Star-Seed stand fully in their power as “Guardians of Light”, as the advance guard anchoring these new transformative energies to the planetary grid.

There are many beautiful souls engaged in the process of raising vibrational frequency in their biological vehicles, but most are discovering that it is not so easy to sustain a shift into higher dimensions unless the physical body can be “re-tooled” for higher purpose and “re-calibrated” to resonate with the Universal Matrix.

This nexus point in the story of humanity requires spiritual intervention if Light-Workers are to become the “negative ionic generators” required to draw down higher dimensional frequencies from the cosmos and anchor them to the Earth grid in preparation for the next phase of human evolution.

Alison David Bird, CHt is the originator of Marconics Ascension Healing. For more information about Marconics Ascension Energy Workshops, or to buy the book, Marconics: The Clarion Call, visit