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Nutrition Guru Returns to Weston

Master herbalist, skincare guru and nutrition consultant Susan Nichols will be providing private sessions, nutritional analysis and a deep dive into holistic nutrition at The Liphe Balance Center of Weston from September 20 to 23. 

The “Empowered Health” presentation focusing on nutrition takes place on September 20 from 7 to 8:30pm, and tickets cost just $10. From September 20 to 23 Nichols will be available for private sessions and nutritional analysis by appointment. 

The private sessions cost $150, during which Nichols will provide real-time analysis of your body and offer simple nutritional solutions to restore balance and wellness. She will provide an analysis of clients’ overall physical and biochemical predispositions immediately following the current blood profile. Body types are broken into four categories, each containing 10 profiles, for a total of 40 types. The hour will be spent identifying the client’s body type and related nutritional needs. 

Nichols’ expertise is in biochemical pathways and how they are influenced by nutrition. Her interest in holistic health began under the influence of Bernard Jensen, PhD, raw-food advocate Ann Wigmore, and John R. Carpenter, MD, MH. She has spent decades studying where the various information dovetails. She currently resides in New Mexico where she farms organically, supports sustainable agriculture and produces the maxandjane skincare line.

To reserve a session with Nichols, call 203-912-2791 or email [email protected] For more information, visit Location: 36 Michaels Way, Weston.

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