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Life Transition Workshops in November

Barbara Slaine and Sue Broudy of The Liphe Balance Center in Weston will be presenting a series of classes on “Practicality, Participation & Peace for Life Transitioning,” this month. 

A lack of planning often results in chaos and a loss of valuable resources at this most precious time, when individuals ideally are uniting and making peace with loved ones. Slaine and Broudy explain how the stressors of waiting until the last moment to know what to do or how to proceed can be avoided. Death has a ripple effect for the entire family and can become a gift if done consciously. The information presented in these three classes is a subject all must deal with at some point. 

The “Practicality” session takes place from 9am to 1pm on November 16. It will focus on the Five Wishes, legal and comfort options, living wills, end-of-life directives, health care proxy information, vigil and legacy planning. The cost is $50. 

The “Participation” session, which takes place from 2 to 5pm on November 16, focuses on the body in transition, active listening, anointment oils and the importance of sound, including music, chanting and the spoken word. Reiki and holding space will be discussed. The cost is $50.

The “Peace” session, which takes place from 2 to 5pm on November 17, offers Reiki Level I teachings and attunement, meditation and exercises for creating and holding space and applications for this modality for someone in transition. The cost is $75. (A discount is offered for those attending all three sessions, at a total cost of $150.) Space is limited to 15 people in each class.

To reserve your space, email [email protected]. For more information on this and all Liphe Balance Center events, call 203-912-2791 or visit or  Location: The Liphe Balance Center, 36 Michaels Way, Weston.