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Try the MELT Method in Brookfield

Have you experienced the MELT Method of pain reduction yet? If not, check out this modality at a workshop sponsored by the Brookfield Parks and Recreation Department on December 5 from 6 to 7pm. 

Are you in pain? Are you feeling stiff in the morning when you wake up? Do you think this is a part of the aging process? Rest assured—it’s not a part of aging gracefully. However, you may have connective tissue “dehydration.” 

Your connective tissue is a three-dimensional, fluid-based system that creates a flexible framework that provides your entire body support, protection and connection. MELT is performed by position-point pressing of the hands and feet with specially designed soft balls (provided at class) to hydrate connective tissue. MELT is a cutting-edge technique to help you get out of and stay out of pain. This modality promises results from the first class.

To learn more about the class, visit Location: Huckleberry Hill Elementary School, 100 Candlewood Lake Rd, Brookfield.

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