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2020: A New Decade Will Bring Master Change!

Original paintings by Greer Jonas

by Greer Jonas

Welcome to the third decade of the 21st century. 

What is the 2020 numerology effect on our lives?

Never again in our lifetime will there be two 2s and two zeros in our year.

According to numerology, when two numbers are the same, they are considered master numbers because they have double the power of the number. In mastery, the energy will have a pivotal effect of change in our lives and in the world. 

In what way will our outlook and actions change?

The Decade of the One

First, let’s step back. For 10 years we were in the decade of the “1.” One is all about the ego, leadership and action. It is the yang energy of pushing forward your ideas. This was the time on our earth when we were asked to expand our beliefs and take the lead.

We can witness, in our current politics, much ego being thrown around. Many belief systems have emerged to produce change. It seems as if the belief systems during this decade have been taking turns with what is right and what is wrong.

Master 2s in 2020

Now we move into the master 2s. The two is the yin—intuitive connections and sensitivity with a view of fairness. This is the Divine Feminine, an outlook far different from living inside of self. The two, in comparison, seeks relationship and duality. Two sides to every argument, we have the opportunity to look at the bigger picture. We have the choice of reaching past the “I” into the “we.”

Master 0s in 2020

The master zero (0) is the magical energy of potential—that which has never happened before. It is “conception” before it is fully realized—the vision of an idea or intention of something we want in our lives without its limitations. We are in the womb, anxiously waiting to be birthed.

How will you move ahead in your life with the new energy of intention and connection in all your relationships? How can you reach past the “I” of the ego—the “I can’t,” the “I must,” and the “I have to control”?

Instead, envision what you really want, not how. See your vision happening and let go of imagining its form. But you have to be present in your life before anything can shift in the areas of relationships and potential.

The Global 2020 Year

The digits of the year 2020 add up to four (2+0+2+0=4). So along with having two master numbers, we also have the value of the four, which is all about the builder, the grounding earth, the ability to create form. Thus, the potential for our world to turn around and build once again, instead of destroying, is possible. 

We need to be proactive, of course, while speaking in an intelligent and thoughtful manner so that we are heard and not turned off because we are yelling at each other. We must also be willing to listen. With a mutual understanding we can shift into a more grounded world that works together and makes a difference.

“We” Rather Than “I”

Is it possible to create this change? Perhaps we can begin in our own lives and relationships as we mutually support and inspire each other. Rather than focusing on the desire to be right, the new decade can be about the aspiration of letting go and reaching out together towards change. Get involved in a group that inspires you; it could be about social change or environmental. Be the difference in this world.

Manifest Your Dreams

What a great time to manifest your dreams—to create with your intuition rather than old ways of doing things. And remember, it is always okay to ask for support!

Now this is the way to bring in 2020!

Greer Jonas is an intuitive numerologist and artist living in NYC. She conducts numerology readings via Zoom, phone and in person. Visit her numerology website at and her art website at  To schedule a reading, request a class schedule or find out more about your personal year in 2020, contact her at [email protected].

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