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The Healing Properties of Shungite: An Ancient Mineral Gains New Attention

by Christy Abate

Shungite is a Precambrian carbonaceous natural stone estimated to be around two billion years old. It is black, shiny and consists of a large quantity of carbon, sometimes up to 98 percent. It was first discovered in the Lake Onega region of Karelia, Russia, and the main deposit of the stone lies in the Zazhoginskoye field. Shungite has been called the stone of life, a miracle and a neutralizer of harmful energy. 

Shungite use was first documented in the 18th century when Russian czar Peter the Great set up a spa in Karelia and purified water with shungite for the Russian army. Also, in the 18th century, humans began using shungite to produce a pigment for black paint. Along with its antibacterial qualities, it is the only natural mineral that contains fullerenes, which are powerful antioxidants that shield our bodies from free radicals. The scientists who discovered the carbon structure of shungite and the existence of fullerenes won a Nobel Peace Prize for Chemistry in 1996.

How Can You Use Shungite? 

In addition to using shungite to heal your body and spirit by reducing negative energy and geopathic stress, you can use the stone to purify and mineralize your drinking and bathing water. It has been suggested that consuming or bathing in shungite water can combat disease; improve chronic respiratory issues, headaches, and body aches; promote healthy digestion; and alleviate skin-related problems such as inflammation and acne. After washing the stones to remove any debris and dirt, simply soak them in water for as long as desired to cleanse and energize them. Shungite also has been shown to protect from electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF) emitted by our phones, computers and other electronic devices. By holding onto or being near shungite, you can reduce the EMF radiation that has become a hazard to our daily lives.

What are the Forms of Shungite?

There are three types of shungite, based on the level of carbon within the stones: Type III, or what we know as regular shungite, contains 30 to 50 percent carbon; Type II, named Petrovsky shungite after Peter the Great, contains 50 to 70 percent carbon; Type I is known as noble or elite shungite and contains 90 to 98 percent carbon. Elite shungite is extremely rare, has a bright silvery surface and possesses exceptionally high energetic potential.

If you own shungite, it is recommended to clean the stones with warm water every so often and let them sit outside in direct sunlight for at least three hours. Cleansed and recharged, the stones can be reused an unlimited number of times. 

Fairfield County residents are fortunate to be able to experience the effects of shungite in the first and only shungite room in the U.S., located at The Angel Cooperative in Ridgefield.  

Christy Abate is co-owner of The Angel Cooperative, the site of the first and only shungite room in the U.S. For more information, call 203-431-2959, visit or stop in for a visit. Location: The Angel Cooperative, 51 Ethan Allen Hwy (Rte 7), Ridgefield. See ads, pages 32 and 42.

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