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The Gift of Coming Home to Yourself Workshop via Zoom

The Hartford Family Institute knows that the COVID crisis taxes our ability to feel safe and not feel isolated. We struggle between our need to survive and our desire to feel grounded, safe and sane. At the same time, we long for love and intimacy and to feel deep meaning in our lives. From January 8 through 10, they will present “The Gift of Coming Home to Yourself” workshop online, via Zoom, to help attendees develop greater self-acceptance and feel more personally empowered to deal with the stressors in life and in the world.

It will be a time to share what we are going through and deepen connections with the other participants. Attendees will gain a unique and in-depth understanding of how they work for or against themselves. Whether seeking personal or professional growth, or wanting to deepen personal relationships, this workshop can provide the necessary tools to enhance life.

Stuart Alpert, Psy.D., LCSW and Naomi Lubin-Alpert, Psy.D., LMFT work with all physical, emotional and relationships issues. They are heartfelt and supportive and bring their insightful way of guiding people to the center of their experiences, helping participants feel more balanced and alive. Their work integrates their many years of experience with emotional and body processes, their understanding of the molecular structure of emotional issues and physical illness, their spiritual and mindfulness practices, along with the knowledge from their studies with Native Healers.

People from all walks of life are welcome to attend the workshop. Therapists and healers who attend will also come away with a deeper understanding of the transformational process for their clients. CEUs are available. The cost of the workshop is $450.

For more information and to reserve a space, call 860-236-6009 or visit

Hartford Family Institute - 17 S Highland St West Hartford CT

Hartford Family Institute - 17 S Highland St, West Hartford, CT

Hartford Family Institute (HFI) has been a cutting edge Psychotherapy and Training Center since 1969. The Psychotherapy created and practiced here is a combination of in-depth body emotio... Read More » 


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