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Holistic New Day Counseling Services Opens in Ridgefield

Jessica Lima, MS, LCSW has opened a holistic psychotherapy practice, Holistic New Day Counseling Services, in Ridgefield. “Through my own experience, I have seen the unique role holistic modalities can play in the healing process and I am passionate about sharing those practices with my clients,” says Lima.

Often in the traditional psychotherapy model, a diagnosis is developed that becomes the focus of the therapeutic process. Lima’s approach differs in that it centers on the mind/body/spirit connection. She has been trained in integrative healing modalities which include mindfulness, Reiki, energy healing, Lightning Dreamwork, herbal medicine, nutrition and meditation.

“In today’s world, too often we are looking for a quick fix or the next big treatment when the answer is right in our own backyard, so to speak. We need to focus on the basics such as nutrition, sleep and movement. Sometimes all it takes to change your mindset is to get up and move. A walk in the forest can do wonders. The ethereal energy of the forest is so transformative,” explains Lima.

Lima is offering sessions to clients in person at the office, as well as through video conference. She has experience working with both children and adult clients.

Connect at 203-260-5769 or [email protected]. See Community Resource Guide Listing, page 34.

Holistic New Day Counseling Services - 158 Danbury Rd Ridgefield CT

Holistic New Day Counseling Services - 158 Danbury Rd, Ridgefield, CT

Jessica will align with you on your journey to emotional and physical well-being. Combining her traditional psychotherapy background with her certification in integrative healing, she wil... Read More » 

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