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Spiritual Medium Marisa Delzio Offers Online Readings

Marisa Delzio is an Intuitive and Spiritual Medium based out of Connecticut. Delzio communicates with the Spirit and Divine World to bring loving, guiding and healing messages from the Souls who shine in Heaven. She only receives and communicates messages that come from a place of healing, enlightenment and purpose—not of a place that comes from negativity or fear. Due to COVID-19, she is offering virtual readings at this time.

The foundation of Delzio’s work as a Medium is based on the truth that love is everlasting. Join her as she shares insight on how to enlighten the Spirit and bring light to the Soul. “It is never too late to open your heart, your mind and your Soul to the blessing of healing,” says Delzio.

Check out Delzio’s podcast, “What Spirit Says” on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify, and follow her on Instagram: @marisadelziospiritual.

For more information, email [email protected] or visit

Marisa Delzio Spiritual Medium - NA Ridgefield CT

Marisa Delzio, Spiritual Medium

INTUITIVE GUIDANCE: By appointment only. Connect with passed loved ones to experience healing, guidance, and love. Indivisdual and group readings are available in-person or by Skype/Googl... Read More » 


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