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Spiritual Coaching for the Mind, Body and Soul

An energy worker and Reiki Master Practitioner, Lisa Labozzo, of Healing Hand and Heart, in Stamford, offers intuitive counseling, Reiki, Angel Automatic Writing and spiritual readings, as well as classes and events. Labozzo is passionate about guiding and healing others through her experiences, while bringing peace and love into the world.

“My healing arts journey started shortly after an automobile accident which left me fighting for my life. I was declared clinically dead and remained on life support for many months,” explains Labozzo. “It was during this time that I opened my mind up to the Divine and welcomed heavenly guidance to ensure my recovery. The world as I knew it pre-accident had shifted and a newfound spirituality emerged. As a result of my miraculous recovery, I’ve been inspired to assist in healing others emotionally, spiritually and physically.”

During those months of healing 13 years ago, Labozzo had experiences of crossing over. As a result, she discovered she was blessed with a gift of healing and insight. In addition to being a well-respected speaker and adjunct practitioner for weekend retreats in Connecticut and New York, she is also an ordained priest in the Order of Melchizedek. Labozzo also teaches Automatic Writing and other energy classes in Houston, Texas.

For more information, call 203-219-7846, email [email protected] or visit  See community resource guide, page 29.

Lisa Labozzo

Healing Hand and Heart - 111 High Ridge Rd 2nd Floor, Stamford, CT

Energy worker and Reiki Master Practitioner who channels intuitive messages. She is also an ordained priest in the Order of Melchizedek. Labozzo is passionate about guiding and healing ot... Read More » 


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