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Thermogram Test Provides In-Depth Women’s Health Check

Rachel Mazzarelli

Rachel Mazzarelli, MS, CCT, of Whole Health Thermography LLC, introduced a new digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI) women’s health test for her clients as part of their preventative screening options. The women’s health check provides a focused holistic view of overall health status and future risk levels. It is a valuable procedure for alerting one’s healthcare practitioner to changes that can indicate developing pathology and dysfunction.

DITI is non-invasive, non-contact, painless, FDA-cleared technology with no radiation involved. The thermogram report is generated from a 71-point questionnaire that combines symptoms and history across breast, obstetrics/gynecology, thyroid, endocrine, visceral and autonomic systems. DITI looks for findings that may indicate autonomic/autoimmune, endocrine/adrenal system, vascular, lymphatic and breast health dysfunctions. It is designed to help patients take control of their current and future health. A colored slider moving from green to red indicates associated risk levels. The report is also designed to help motivate patients to incorporate lifestyle changes, holistic treatment or even medical intervention. Annual studies are recommended to help monitor risk levels and provide early indicators of any issue that justifies intervention. 

“Because of the women’s health check report, one of my clients was able to hone in with her naturopath on what further lab tests were needed or unnecessary to investigate autoimmune symptom triggers she was experiencing,” says Mazzarelli.

For more information and to make an appointment in Fairfield and New Haven Counties in Connecticut, or Westchester County in New York, visit WholeHealthThermography.comSee ad, page 8.

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Whole Health Thermography LLC

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is an FDA-approved, noninvasive, no-radiation screening for the whole body. It offers possible earlier detection of breast disease and can aid in d... Read More » 


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